some might call it crazy 8, but we have always known it as maCards and have it strictly built to follow those hard rules.

maCards is a card game built off some hard rules from the card game popularly known as Crazy 8. In this initial version, rules are forced / strict and we might add in some custom rules in the next few versions. This game can be played by two or more people and they need to be  on a call on any communications platform where they can communicate about next moves and what each player wants. It’s not built to be played completely on this platform. The 

game, yes is entirely here, but the experience is mearnt to be hybrid. Talk to your friends, while playing. This is what brings out the best experience. The same way you would play with hard cards, this is just replacing the cards so you can play with people thousands of miles away. Download the app, share the gameID and let others join before you can start the game.

just three things

only 1 person needs an account

jump on a call with friends and share the game ID

everyone joins and start playing

App Screens

Here are a few screens of what you you might expect to see when you download the app

Download maCards

download and connect with friends and family as you play maCards.